Meet the trainer

Watching someone make a positive change in their life is the key to bettering yourself both mentally and physically. Working with clients on a daily basis makes Jason appreciate the importance of exercise and good habits. Jason tries his best to educate and motivate through his vast knowledge of the human body and skill set.

Jason is an avid swimmer and enjoys hiking, running, weight training, and traveling. A motor vehicle accident in 2000, left him with a fractured spine which he rehabbed on his own through a combination of proper nutrition and strength training. His knowledge of human anatomy and bio-mechanics continues to serve his clients well. If you're looking for a well rounded trainer who will help you reach your goals, then please contact Jason.

Fitness Services

  • One-on-one studio based personal training
  • One-on-one home based personal training
  • Group personal training(4 maximum)
  • Military Basic Training/Bootcamp Readiness Program(geared specifically towards individuals going into any branch of the Armed Forces)


  • Nora F.
    I have been working out with Jason for over an year now. He's very dedicated to his profession. It's not your 1,2,3, exercising. He designs a program for you and your specific needs. I will continue to train with him.
    Nora F.
  • Debbie H
    Jason has done an amazing job with my workouts! Each time I come in he has a different workout to target different muscle groups and pushes me to where I need to be even when I think I can't go on! Love my workouts with him!
    Debbie H
  • Lucie K.
    Extremely professional and knowledgeable, very accommodating for those with physical limitations and conditions, able to work around those limits and still help you meet your training goals. A+
    Lucie K.
  • Elad L.
    I've been working with Jason for a few months now and in a matter of only 2 - 3 months I lost over 10 LBS as well as quit drinking any sort of energy drinks/ caffeine altogether! A great influence :)
    Elad L.
  • Samantha S.
    Jason is great! Attentive, motivating, and customizes work out to YOUR goals. Lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks! Thanks Jason, cant wait to see what 2 months will do!!!!
    Samantha S.
  • Jonathan K.
    In searching for a trainer I found none better that Jason. He has perfected the craft of personal training. Jason lists some of his certifications on his website, there not just fluff as it turns out, Jason really knows his stuff. Bottom line is that he produces results, noticeable results. Some words that come to mind: Knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating, results, honest, motivating. After the initial meeting to set things up, everything he said he has delivered. I can't speak more highly of him, or give a stronger recommendation to anyone looking for a real personal trainer.
    Jonathan K.
  • Virginia S.
    Best Trainer Hands Down. I love training with Jason. He is patient but he also pushes me when I need it. I have lost weight and I can tell a difference in my overall well being since coming to Jason. He truly cares about his clients and wants the best for them. A+
    Virginia S.
  • Amanda R.
    Jason is awesome, very motivating, inspirational, and accomidating, a big plus for someone with a speratic schedule like myself. He helps with meal planning as well, which is a huge part of any fitness transformation, there's no part of my training that I have not enjoyed, or felt totally comfortable with.
    Amanda R.
  • Mary S.
    Although this was my first time training with Jason, I can tell that he is very interested in helping me reach my goal of hoping to lose a few pounds as well as tone up some of my problem areas. I hope to get better as I move forward with my workouts and see where the future takes me. Jason is very professional and I can tell that he took the time to gear the exercises were done in reference to what we had discussed at our initial consultation. Looking forward to next week!
    Mary S.
  • I contacted Jason after realizing I wasn't reaching my fitness goals on my own. I have been training with him three times a week for about 4 months now. It has been great motivation and I enjoy my workouts.

    I highly recommend Jason for a fitness trainer. He listens to what you want to get out of your sessions and he is also affordable. He focuses on the client and takes his job very seriously.
  • Jason is a great trainer - all around good experience. Highly recommend him for anyone looking for personal training services.